Shred Baby Shred!

The front yard had some really nice mature landscaping and really just needed a little taming.  Notice how you can barely see the front door & porch due to all the overgrown shrubs?  Those babies were about 4 feet tall and only left about 2 feet of clearance for the walkway.   The juniper bushes were only green on the top & the under area is just prickly, vine type wood so there was only one solution: Shred Baby Shred!

Before (real estate listing picture):

One sunny weekend in January, we rented a big gigantic shredder and with the help of my parents and a very dedicated friend, we dug up and shredded all those juniper bushes.  We also tamed cut down to the base several other bushes as well.

It was a great feeling to be able to walk up the sidewalk to the front door without being attacked by juniper bushes.  The shredder was a big piece of equipment & we took advantage of the rental day (and the use of my brother-in-laws truck to tow it) and cleaned out some of the mess in the backyard too, but more on that in a future post.

HUGE improvement.  We’ve done additional work since January in the front yard including cutting the bushes next to the driveway down to a reasonable size, planting a butterfly garden, adding some flowers to the front porch and replacing the lights.

The butterfly garden grew really well.  We weren’t used to actually having plants grow at the last house so this was a pleasant surprise.  A few pretty butterflies have stopped by for a snack this summer.

This is a current picture with our Halloween decorations up.  The trees in front still overpower the house but they look like they may only last a few more years so no trimming yet.  They really are gorgeous in the spring.  We also don’t have a good shot of the trees or hydrangeas in full bloom – I’ll add that one next year.

We have a few more projects to tackle in the front including a quick garage makeover, painting the front door, replacing the brass door hardware and a full front porch fix.  We discovered after yanking out the juniper bushes that the ground under the front porch had settled about 5 inches over the years so it’s prime real estate for chipmunks right now.  We need to fix that as well as the weird/dangerous step layout but haven’t been thrilled with the solutions/quotes we’ve gotten so far.

Here’s the front porch in it’s fall finest.  The mums haven’t bloomed yet but should soon (hopefully).  You can see the new lights, chipmunk condos and odd stairs better in this close up.

Check out the wacky wavy inflatable ghost man.  He taught Liam what ghosts say….BOOO!  If you’re wondering about the white spots in the azalea – those are googly eyes.

To Do:

  • Remove overgrown juniper bushes
  • Paint front door (I bought the paint in January)
  • Tame boxwoods next to sidewalk & driveway
  • Add mulch/pinestraw where needed (partially complete)
  • Add drainage rocks to left side yard 
  • Replace brass lights
  • Replace brass door hardware
  • Add garage hardware
  • Fix front porch steps and add stone

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