A Little Privacy Please!

I removed the 27 year old cellular shades in the front of our house when we had the trim painted in the spring.  They looked dirty and I was covered in dirt by the time I got them down.  Gross.  I didn’t really rush to get new window coverings because I really liked the clean look of the open windows.  It didn’t bother me too much that neighbors walking by on Sunday mornings would wave at us as we were playing in Liam’s playroom because it was a pretty limited view.  But then Fall rolled around and as it started to get dark earlier I noticed how clear a view existed from the street straight through the dining room to the kitchen.  Now I’m as much a fan of checking out people’s houses as the next girl but not so sure I wanted to be the ogled instead of the oglee.  Time to get some blinds.   I have ordered from JustBlinds.com in the past and they have good service so I carefully followed the measuring instructions on their site and placed my order.  The blinds sat in the box for a week or two after arriving but I finally took the time to get the project done once I realized that daylight savings time was rapidly approaching.

The windows have a very shallow frame all over the house but there are a few that already had 2″ wood blinds so I ordered a few more sets even though I didn’t have the “Minimum Depth Req. for Inside Mount” of 1 & 1/s inch.

Tools required:

  • Power drill/screwdriver
  • Manual Socket screwdriver
  • Beer

I used the bracket as a guide and drilled a couple pilot holes.  I highly recommend taking the extra 30 seconds per bracket for the pilot holes because it did make things easier down the line.

Since my windows only had about a half inch of depth, I had to use the side mounting holes on the bracket and let the bracket hang outside the window a bit.  I used the power drill to get the screws as far in as possible & then switched to the manual socket screw driver to tighten as much as possible.

After getting brackets up on both sides, it’s really easy (as long as you measured right in the beginning) to just slide the blind in.  Just make sure that the cords are on the side facing you before closing the clasps.

Installing the valance was easy once I figured out how the clasps worked.  I tried for several minutes to slide the clip into the groove on the back of the valance until I figured out that it fits in the groove sideways and then secures by turning 90 degrees.

I was pleased with the look when I got one up and happy that it functioned well and seemed very secure despite the lack of mounting depth.  Only 3 more to go (plus a new white one in the powder room to replace the ivory one that clashed with the white trim).  I finished the 2nd one in the dining room in about 20 minutes and it looks great and adds the privacy that we need.

Mac was not too happy about losing his prime barking location so we’ve been keeping the dining room blinds pulled up halfway so we don’t have to see this face too often.

The playroom looks better now too – here’s a little before..

And after:

Installing all 5 blinds from opening the packages to cleaning up probably took me around 2 hours.  Not so bad for a little privacy.

2 Responses to “A Little Privacy Please!”

  1. Barbara DeMore says:

    Great job! When you get finished with your house you can come help with mine. You supply the blinds and I’ll supply the beer! Seriously, great job on the updating & decorating. Can’t wait to see it.

  2. Gwen Ready says:

    Loved your blog on the blinds. Hope you don’t mind me wanting to get your blog.

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