2014 Project List

We accomplished a TON on the house in 2013 and I’ve been thinking about the projects that I want to do in 2014.  We aren’t planning any major renovations (e.g. kitchen/master bathroom) this year but do have several smaller projects on the list.  I reviewed our inspection report as well and while we’ve tackled the majority of the issues there are a few items that need to be added to the list.

Dining Room – The dining room is in great shape right now but the carpet still bugs me.  There are hardwoods under the carpet and I’ve pulled the carpet back in one corner to see what kind of shape they are in.  The hardwoods are finished in the same color as the entry so I don’t think this is a crazy project for us to DIY (IF no refinishing is required).

Office – The room is less cluttered after we moved the guitars to the basement but still needs a coat of paint on the walls & trim.  I’ve gotten some accessories since this picture was taken and have a project planed for the open wall space over the bench that I’m hoping to share soon.

Outside – There are several projects that need to be done outside this year.

1) Repairing wood rot – A contractor was supposed to do that before we moved in but he was a POS so we fired him before he finished the work.

2) Hopefully we can find someone to fix the front porch & install a new front door this year (details on why in the linked posts).

3) Pour a concrete patio under the screen porch – a task for Kevin &  my dad.  We got a quote on this that was high so my dad offered to help us with this DIY project as well.  Right now it is uneven dirt covered with pine straw.  We don’t have another spot for the grill or smoker so it would be nice if this area was a nice flat surface.

4) Install a new screen porch door (major procrastination here since we’ve had the door since Sept).

5) Possibly have someone rebuild the deck stairs so they are safe.

Basement – Hallway & Gym – Paint the trim & doors & possibly remove the last wallpaper in that is left in the house in the stairs & hallway. You can’t tell in the picture but the trim has yellowed and needs caulking in some spots so it would just look nicer with fresh coat of paint.   The hallway wallpaper was definitely the least offensive in the house but it is still wallpaper.  The trim & door painting would be a DIY job and I can’t think of many things less appealing than painting trim so we’ll see how far we make it on this project.

These are the projects that come to mind this year but there are lots of other “little” things that are also on the list (e.g. a few more new blinds for the upstairs guest rooms, new shower heads for a couple bathrooms, etc.).