Nursery – Rearranged

I rearranged Liam’s nursery and it has been much more functional now that he is a toddler.  Before the room felt a little cramped even though it’s the biggest bedroom in the house other than the master.   The glider was shoved in the corner between the crib & changing table and since he’s gotten taller this became a hazardous for Liam’s head.

After – I moved the chair to the opposite corner of the room & made space by moving the Expedit shelf to our master closet where it made a big improvement and moving his chest of drawers down a few feet.  I moved the art around a little as well – the Kings of Leon poster moved into the office.

Books are in 2 baskets on the floor next to the glider so he can easily pick out what he wants to read at bedtime.

Cute little flying piggy bank he was given by Kevin’s aunt.  We picked up the giraffe at FAO Schwarz in NYC on a trip before Liam was born.  The block letters were a gift from Liam’s cousin Eli.

We really don’t use Liam’s closet much since his clothes all fit into the dresser & there is a separate linen closet for the sheets and towels, so I just moved his few toys that we keep in his room (most are in the playroom & basement) to the floor of the closet.

Here is the attached bathroom.  Love the frog toy scoop.

I painted the whale after I saw the idea on Pinterest.

This cute graphic came from this Etsy shop to add a little color & life to the bathroom since we haven’t painted this room & don’t have plans to anytime soon.


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