For Kevin’s Birthday I got him a glass terrarium kit from Red Envelope.  It came with the container, dirt, plants & rocks needed to build a pretty little terrarium.

We enlisted Liam’s help to get it started.  First we spread a layer of rocks/gravel on the bottom of the container.  The container is not water tight so it does have to sit on something to protect the surface you put it on.


Next we added some charcoal pellets to the rocks

And then the layer of mossy stuff

After Liam stuck the spoon in the dirt and ate a tablespoon, it was time for Monkey to take his place as helper.

Dirt went in on top of the moss.

Next we unwrapped the cute little ferns & placed them randomly around in the dirt.

Monkey approved the placement.

Some lighter green moss went in around the plants.

And then a few little rocks for decoration.  We might add some people/animals to the scene at some point – like this – but for now it’s done!  Monkey approved.

It looks pretty cool as a centerpiece on our bar.  It’s been a couple months since we put it together and so far everything is still alive.

UPDATE: After another month or so – this thing is dead as a doornail!


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