Making the Playroom More Playful

The playroom was cute & the ABC art & Liam’s art on the walls made it less boring but I still felt like it could be better.  Liam hardly ever looked in the bins in the 2 Expedit cubes on either side of the futon and those toys & books were not being played with at all.

So with a little inspiration from Pinterest, I added a bench, new pillows, a reading nook & a couple cute wall decals.

The bench and book shelves are from Ikea.  My mom helped me make the cushion for the bench with fabric from & custom cut foam from  I found the grey & white stripe bins at HomeGoods a few months ago & got the dinosaur bin for stuffed animals there a few weeks ago.

The reading nook is probably my favorite part.  Liam loves books & is also a very organized little guy so he likes to put the books back on the shelf after he is done.  This helped make all the books visible so we aren’t stuck reading Go Dog Go over and over.

I had enough fabric left from the cushion to make a couple extra pillows for the futon.

The Coke bear likes his new home on the bench.  The new cushion even has a zipper in the back so I can remove it to wash if needed.  It’s actually 2 long invisible zippers that meet in the middle so that it is easy to get the foam in and out.

Here is one of the great decals I got on Etsy.  I’ll mark Liam’s height with a Sharpie on the white part of the chart.

Here is the 2nd decal from Etsy.  I used 1 of the bird decals from the Grow set for the Play decal since they came from different sellers the yellow birds were very different colors.

The room is much cuter now and a lot more functional.  Liam can easily find his favorite trucks & toys which helps him destroy the room in under 5 minutes,   Thanks to all the bins & baskets, I can pick it up in under 5 minutes too!  (Which is important since there isn’t a door to the playroom & it’s the first room you see when you walk in the front door.)

*Disclaimer – Some toys were removed for the photos…Thomas the Train & Mega Blocks just aren’t cute.