2014 Project List – Update

It’s time for an update of the list of projects that I put together in January because I’m love crossing things off lists.

Here was our 2014 list with updates!

Dining Room99% COMPLETE!  We finished the hardwood project and only have one minor loose end – touching up paint on the baseboards.  The dining room has been so much better without carpet.

My parents gave us a very nice antique buffet when they moved to the cabin.  It now holds our wedding china from Kevin’s mom & table linens.  The buffet has been around as long as I can remember & I used to use it as a deluxe Barbie condo.

Office  – 90% complete – We had it painted, installed a new ceiling fan & added some new decor.  I didn’t have the rug yet in my last office post.  The rug made a big difference in breaking up the beige carpet & it’s much nicer to look at when we work from home.  I have to admit – sometimes ticking of all those clocks drive me crazy!

I still think that the windows need curtains to add a little more color & visual interest to the room.  I’ve got the fabric & will hopefully get them made & hung before our new baby comes in January.   (Sorry this picture is so dark – I’ve only had time for pictures at night lately).

Outside – There WERE are several projects that need to be done outside this year.

1) Repairing wood rot – 100% complete – A contractor was supposed to do that before we moved in but he was a POS so we fired him before he finished the work.  We hired our favorite painters, Greenwave Solutions, to do the job for us & everything looks great now.

2) Fix the front porch – 100% complete – & install a new front door – on order – this year (details on why in the linked posts).  The front porch project was a cluster but it’s done now so I don’t have to think about it anymore.  The front door became more of an issue after the front porch demolition went awry so we have a new door & picture window on order from Champion.  It is custom made to fit the exact opening so it has a long lead time but we expect it to be installed sometime in December (hopefully before Christmas).  We really wanted this door in red (mock ups from sales process):

However, due to the much higher price of a full glass panel door and privacy concerns, we ended up going with a solid steel door in red with the same sidelights that will look something like this:

We are also replacing the picture window above the door.  We have tried everything (insulation, new AC units) that we can think of to control the temperature of the top floor but after those upgrades it still easily reaches 80 on a hot summer day (which we have a lot of in GA).  The sun blasts in through the current single pane decorative window and bakes the thermostat so the upstairs end bedrooms are cooler but the middle is sweltering.  The new window will have what Champion calls Comfort 365 glass which (if it lives up to the marketing) should finally make a difference in the temperature of the house.  Fingers-crossed.

3, 4 & 5) The next three items on the list escalated to a much larger project this year & are 90% complete.  We grouped all of these together & built a new deck & patio!  The wood still needs to be stained but most of the deck, stairs & railings are composite/aluminum so this might be a manageable DIY project.

3) Pour a concrete patio under the screen porch – a task for Kevin &  my dad.  We got a quote on this that was high so my dad offered to help us with this DIY project as well.  Right now it is uneven dirt covered with pine straw.  We don’t have another spot for the grill or smoker so it would be nice if this area was a nice flat surface.

4) Install a new screen porch door (major procrastination here since we’ve had the door since Sept ’13).

5) Possibly have someone rebuild the deck stairs so they are safe.


Basement – Hallway & Gym – 25% complete – Paint the trim & doors & possibly remove the last wallpaper in that is left in the house in the stairs & hallway. You can’t tell in the picture but the trim has yellowed and needs caulking in some spots so it would just look nicer with fresh coat of paint.   The hallway wallpaper was definitely the least offensive in the house but it is still wallpaper.  The trim & door painting would be a DIY job and I can’t think of many things less appealing than painting trim so we’ll see how far we make it on this project.

One day while Kevin was not home (shame on me), I started pulling off the wallpaper in the hallway & using the wallpaper steamer to remove the paper layer.  I made good progress over a couple of different sessions and now the hallway is almost wallpaper free!  But…

the stairs look like this….still.  Liam looks at them in amazement and says “Messy”.  The yellow part on the walls is the paper backing that still needs to be steamed off.  I estimate this is going to take another 8-9 hours to finish and then the walls & trim will need cleaning & paint.  The good news is that the steamer works great & the walls are not damaged.  The bad news is the stairs are going to be difficult to paint due to the height of the ceilings.

New Projects:  There are a few new projects on the list for this year as well.  Since we are expecting a baby girl in January 2015, we needed to fix up Liam’s new Big Boy Room & free up the nursery for baby.   Kevin & Dad worked one weekend to paint the walls & trim in both Liam’s new room & the attached jack & jill bathroom (I helped paint as much as they would let me while Mom watched Liam).   I had the bedding & we picked up the airplane dresser back in the Spring.  There is still some decorating to do (e.g. hang art, curtains, a couple pieces of furniture, clean junk out of the closet) but the hardest part is done!

Big Boy Room – 75% complete

The bathroom is also looking great now!  We used the same color as in the nursery (Sherwin Williams Watery)  It’s a nice cool blue that works well with the grey tile.  The bathroom will have a pirate theme with navy towels.  I am looking for new bathmats & also have a few cute ideas for wall art to go with the theme.

Nursery – 75% complete

The nursery will also get a few updates to make it girly.  I have plans for a new crib skirt, changing pad cover, blanket and blackout curtains.  I have at least 8 sewing projects that need to happen in the next 3 months so I better get busy!

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