Pink & Aqua Nursery

We moved Liam to a new room and redecorated the nursery for our new addition.

This was a pretty easy room because we used all the same furniture and the paint color was still great for a girl.  All I needed to do was add some pink.

Grandma knitted the pretty pink blanket.

My favorite part of the nursery is the pom poms over the crib.

I bought the fabric for the crib skirt before I was pregnant because it was being discontinued and I was hoping for a girl.  The crib skirt is 3 sided and attached to the crib with Velcro.  This makes it super easy to shorten each time we lower the mattress – all I have to do is take off the front panel & hem it to the right length.

I am planning to fill the picture frame with cute baby pictures.  I made the chevron minky throw blanket & the chair pillow.

The curtains are from Ikea & I hemmed the panels and added blackout fabric.  I was planning to add ribbon trim similar to Liam’s new curtains but once I hung the curtains I realized that the ribbon trim would not be visible.

Mom and I made the liner for the changing table out of the leftover crib skirt material and it was the most difficult sewing project that I’ve done.

It’s a very happy room & she seems to like it so far.

The crib sheet has been a great background for taking her monthly pictures.


Source List:

Sheets – PBK – no longer available

Pom Poms – Etsy seller PomTree

Dresser – Ikea Hemnes

Bookcases – Ikea Kallax

Crib – Land of Nod

Curtains – Ikea 

Frame over changing table – Home Goods

Big Boy Room Complete!

Note: This post is very delayed because Liam’s big boy room has been finished for a few months now but I didn’t find the time to update the blog with a newborn.

Liam loves his room & bathroom & I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

The room started last January when Kevin and I took a trip to Asheville & found a propeller (vintage reproduction I think) in the Antique Tobacco Barn.  It’s a huge warehouse with no heat and minimal lighting but it’s always fun to visit.   The propeller started the idea of an airplane theme which developed into more of a transportation theme as we found things that we liked.

We debated on where to put the propeller and how to hang it for a long time and finally settled on hanging it above the closet.  I thought it would look nice over the bed but we could not figure out a way to hang it in a secure enough way to erase our fears that it would fall on the bed and hurt Liam.  It also had to be high enough off the floor that a toddler couldn’t try to climb it and get hurt; while it may not be the best focal point, over the closet was the safest way to go.


I love the Pottery Barn Kids Harper curtains but could not justify the price for a kids room, so I used a pair of Ikea curtains, hemmed, added blackout fabric to the back of each and then added the ribbon trim.  I used the sewing machine for hemming & the blackout fabric but the ribbon is attached with iron on tape.

Grandma knitted Liam the awesome blanket to match his room.  I love the colors & the chevron pattern.  Liam and his animals (Monkey, Captain monkey, Moosie, Whale, and a rotating assortment of others) sleep under it every night.

The bookcases on each side of the bed are great for both books and the stuffed animals that don’t make the cut.

I used an Ikea Kallax shelf in the closet to store diapers, pjs, socks, etc.  I wanted to put in a better closet system but that can wait until he is older and we know what kind of storage he needs.  The extra cube with bins works great for now.

The adjoining Jack & Jill bath also had a makeover!  I fortuitously decorated it in a Pirate theme before he became obsessed with all things pirate.

It was surprisingly hard for find navy rugs in the right color & size (which only really matters to me) but I bought and returned at least three sets before I found these.

We only had to paint the walls & decorate the bathroom.  I made the art with graphics I bought on Etsy & then put together in Photoshop based on some cute things I saw on Pinterest.


I found cute anchor towel hooks at Target and added those at Liam height under the pictures.

Source List:

Sheets – PBK

Duvet – clearance at West Elm – similar one at PBK

Dresser – local mom

Bookcases – Amazon

Bed – antique

Art – Etsy shop Wallfry

Propeller – Antique reproduction from Antique Tobacco Barn

Curtains – Ikea & Ribbon from

Closet shelf – Ikea

Closet Bins – Home Goods & Target

Shower Curtain & Accessories – Kassatex (I bought it at on sale)

Anchor wall hooks – Target

Rugs – Kassatex from – no longer available

Towels – Costco

Art – Ikea frames & used graphics from Etsy to make prints