About Us


We’re the Ready’s – Kevin, Camille (me), Liam & Chloe.

We moved to East Cobb in December 2012 after our cute little intown Atlanta bungalow  began to burst at the seams with all the baby stuff.  We needed more space for our little monster and wanted better schools and a swim/tennis neighborhood.  We found all that after a few months of searching the Atlanta suburbs and ended up in the same school district where Kevin grew up.  The neighborhood (swim/tennis) is fantastic & the public schools are some of the best in the state.

We looked at a lot of houses in the area before finding this one and actually only found out about the neighborhood as a fluke.  A house a couple streets over was on the market as a short sale & it popped up on the automated searches that our Realtor set up.  It was not a great floor plan and needed a lot of work, but we still put in an offer knowing that the process would be slow due to dealing with the bank.  A few days later our house had a significant price reduction that put it into our range (the very very top of our range).  It was really dated in the pictures but I thought it had potential so we got in to see it pretty quickly.  The floor plan is great and the updates needed were mostly cosmetic so we withdrew the other short sale offer and went after this one….long story short – it’s ours now.   We have been feverishly updating the house for several months now and have made such great progress on projects fun and not fun that I decided to blog about it.  Enjoy!