Our Current House

The Front

This is the front of the house from the real estate listing photos.  I believe it was taken in June.

This is a current picture with our Halloween decorations up.  We removed the overgrown juniper bushes on both sides of the sidewalk and tamed some of the other bushes around the sidewalk & driveway.

Here is a shot from April – the cherry trees are gorgeous for about 3 weeks when they bloom.

The Front Porch

I do not have a before picture of the front porch because it was concealed behind the bushes but here is a current pictures decked out for fall.  The mums haven’t bloomed yet.  We replaced the old rusting brass lights with new and have gotten a couple quotes on fixing the steps & covering the porch in stone but haven’t found the right solution/price yet.  The front door got a little makeover to update the color & brass.

Let’s go inside.  Here is the layout of the main floor so you can get your bearings.

The Foyer

Here it is from the listing photos

And here it is after having it painted and adding new art & a console table.

The Half Bath

Here’s the half bath before.

And here it is after we changed out the lights and fixtures, painted the walls & trim and hung some B&W photos I took in Italy on the wall.  (This is an iPhone panoramic shot so please excuse the weird angles & uneven looking trim.)

The Dining Room

Here it is before we moved in.

And here it is after we moved in, had the wallpaper removed, painted the walls & trim and changed out the chandelier, installed new blinds in both the dining room and playroom and removed the old carpet to uncover the hardwood floors.

Pre-carpet removal & new chairs but this picture shows the wall color more accurately since the pic above was taken at night.

The Living Room/Playroom

Here it is before we moved in.

And here it is after we moved in and painted the walls & trim & added some art.

The Family Room

Here it is before we moved in.

And here it is after we moved in, had the wallpaper removed, painted the walls, paneling, built-ins & trim & changed out the ceiling fan.

The Screen Porch

Pictures coming soon

The Kitchen

Here it is before we moved in.

And here it is after we moved in, painted the trim white and replaced the dishwasher & oven/microwave.  We also covered the grey backsplash with Fasade panels.  We are saving up for a few years before tackling the full kitchen remodel so we can do a some extras like adding a deck off the kitchen & screen porch at the same time.

The Laundry Room

Before we moved in.

Here is after we added shelving and replaced the utility sink.  It’s messy because it’s a laundry room 🙂  definitely not one of those gorgeous ones that you see on Houzz.com…yet.

This sink gets it’s own picture because it was a much bigger project than I thought it would be when I picked it up at Costco.  Look how pretty that utility sink is!  There was some blood shed on this one.

Now let’s go upstairs – here’s the layout.

The Office

Before we moved in

We recently finished an office makeover that involved painting walls & trim and replacing the ceiling fan & blinds.

The Front Guestroom

Before we moved in

And here it is after moving in – again not much work in this room since it is not used much right now.

The Back Guest Room

Before we moved in – what you don’t see in this picture are the black & white stripe window treatments that were covered in mold on the back moisture accumulation over the years.

After we moved in, cleaned up the mold & hung new curtains.

The Jack & Jill Bath

Before we moved in

After we moved in and replaced the red handles with ones that are a little less bold.

The Nursery

Before we moved in

After – we painted the walls & trim, changed out the blinds from old aluminum to 1″ faux wood.   Most of the decorations are the same that we had at our old house.  My mom and I  made new curtains with chocolate brown panels from Target & sewed the valance curtains we made for the nursery in the old house to the bottom as a border and lined with blackout panels.

Nursery Bathroom Before

Here is the bathroom after we moved in and removed the shower doors.  The doors were just too difficult to use when bathing a baby.  It’s much nicer to have full access to the tub and a smooth surface to rest your arms on at the edge of the tub.

Here is a close up of the cute wall decal that I added to Liam’s bathroom.  It adds some fun and color to the room since we haven’t painted (and don’t plan to anytime soon).

The Master Bedroom

Before we moved in

After we moved in, painted the walls & trim, and hung curtains.  Liam’s toys that he plays with while we get ready in the morning live in the sitting area by the fireplace for now.

The Master Bathroom

Before we moved in

After we moved in – we haven’t done much in here yet except change out the brass cabinet hardware and add a lot of rugs.  The white balance in these pictures is a little off – sorry!  The towels & rugs are actually charcoal grey – not purple grey.

Let’s go all the way down to the basement now.  Here is the layout.

The Basement Main Room

Before we moved in

After we moved in, had the faux paneling & wallpaper removed and the walls & trim painted.

The Basement Bathroom

Before we moved in

After we moved in, had the wallpaper removed and the walls and trim painted, installed a new vanity, mirror, lights & backsplash.

The Gym/Basement Bedroom

Before we moved in

After we moved in – not much in here except for adding the exercise equipment, new ceiling light and art.

The Basement Storage Areas

Before we moved in

After we moved in, not much here except we had to get rid of a lot of the junk that the previous owners left including 8 rolls of carpet.  My dad and I built new shelving units for the back of the space (the 2nd isn’t pictured)

And one of Liam trying to climb the tower of baby clothes just because he’s so cute.

The Backyard

Before we moved in

We didn’t take a lot of before pictures of the yard but we’ve actually done a lot of work back here including having the canopy of the trees raised and a few trees removed.  We removed all the brush & vines and then added wood chips to the area in front of the creek – you couldn’t even see it when we moved in.

We just completed a project to add drainage and grass to the side yard.  We lost a couple Bradford Pears during a storm so after taking those out we have enough light to get some grass started on this side.

We had a deck and concrete patio added (post here).  We also got 2 new air conditioners the same week that you can see in the picture below.  Not the most exciting upgrade but it’s better than being hot and leaking massive amounts of Freon into the ozone.

So we’ve made a lot of progress so far and have some pretty big plans for down the road.  I’ll be updating this page as we update more rooms.